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Sunday, April 7, 2024


Rachel G Palmistry presents "The Psychic Cellar"

1749 South Raccoon RD

Lower Level

Austintown, Ohio 44515


Free Admission

Readings: 20 minutes @ $30

Readers available:

Mary Petrella~ Mary is a Psychic/Medium blessed with Sight, and the abilities to Hear and Sense from the Spirit World that which can enlighten and bring peace to ones experience. Her Ancestral Heritage and upbringing in Italian Family Traditions is a core foundation that she draws upon for strength in helping others.

Marita Zumpano~ After a harrowing Near Death Experience, Marita received the ability to work with the Angelic Realm. And to this day she incorporates that line of communication with her Psychic, Mediumistic, and Intuitive abilities to help others see their true worth and purpose in this world.

Rachel G Palmistry~ Voted Best Spiritual Reader of 2022 by Spiritual Psychics TV via International recommendation.

With over 37 years of experience and a diverse international clientele, Rachel is passionate about using her expertise in Palm Reading, Reiki, Tarot, and in-person Psychic Reading, among many other consultations, to help you uncover the answers you seek to empower your life. Her dedication to helping others extends into teaching classes that encourage individuals to explore and develop their own psychic abilities.

Rick Cempie~ Rev. Rick "Cempie" Comperatore's life with Spirit has moved in both the Metaphysical and Paranormal worlds. Through Astrology, Tarot, and Shamanic Symbols, he uses his abilities as a Seer and Healer to Spiritually Counsel many via readings and crystal work. He is also well versed in Pranic Healing and is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. His diverse background helps him to see to the core of one's situation with compassion and wisdom.

Dumitru Zdrezaliu~ Dumitru was born in Romania, and has adapted their innate abilities as an ancestral member of the Țigani Ursari Tribe into their work as an intuitive lifecoach, medium, and gifted healer. Dumitru uses this ancient wisdom and inner healing practice infused with trauma-informed scientifically backed understanding, to deliver healing messages channeled directly from one’s higher self.

Also Featuring from the United Kingdom via ZOOM:

Joanne Lewis~ Is qualified in the UK as a Spiritual Healer, Medium, & Trance Medium who works with the Angels, Ascended Masters, and The Divine, via Tarot and Oracle Cards. Her aim is to help all that she meets on their spiritual, and ascension journeys. She also teaches Purple/Violet Flame healing- which includes cord cutting and energetic ancestral healing. Her joys are watching people grow and advance on their spiritual path.

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