Tiger's Eye Tree of Life Pendant

Tiger's Eye Tree of Life Pendant

The tree of life is a symbol of the interconnectedness of all life. It represents the source of life, the cycle of life and death, or the connection between the earth and the heavens. Different cultures have different meanings and stories associated with the tree of life, such as the Norse Yggdrasill, the Chinese pantao, or the biblical tree in the Garden of Eden.

Tiger eye is a quartz stone that has **spiritual meanings** related to the sun, the earth, and the tiger. It is believed to **protect from negative energy, curses, and the evil eye**. It also helps with **self-confidence, willpower, integrity, and overcoming challenges**. It is a stone of **power, courage, and fearlessness**.

Tiger eye is also said to **enhance focus and clarity**, which may bring **abundance and prosperity**. It resonates with the **energy of the Sun and the Earth**, providing a warm and inviting aura for meditation. It can also stimulate **psychic abilities** and attune one with higher energies.


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