And so it begins

And so it begins

Posted 9/25/2023

Autumn is here. 

Or as some might say, sweater weather has begun.

Personally, I like to think about the concept of all things Pumpkin Spice. 

Yes, yes, yes... I know everyone is trying to decipher the mysticism behind its appeal. But shall we have a deeper look at just why Pumpkin Spice is so sought after during these 'Ber months?

Spices. "Spice is Life"-- to pull a Quote from Frank Herberts Dune. And in this time of year the 'Veil' separating the living from Spirit starts thinning to the extreme.

What am I talking about? 

Well throughout history, scores of different Systems of Beliefs recognized this time of year as being able to have easier communication or interactions with our dearly departed.

Because of this 'thinning of the veil", certain ideas of protection came into being.

This little blog entry could go on for days about Symbols of Protection-- so let me know if YOU would like to know more on that.

But lets get back to Pumpkin Spice shall we?

Cinnamon. Nutmeg, Clove, and sometimes Mace (which I will save for a later day).

Cultural powerhouses when it comes to historical significance for each Spice.

Cinnamon: used by the Ancient Egyptians as part of the mummification process, is also mentioned in the Bible on more than one occasion as representative of "God and His Magnificence." Cinnamon is also 1/3 of the spices in the Holy Anointing Oil spoken of within Biblical pages.

Clove: Also used in the Ancient Egyptian purification process in Mummification, as the story goes, originated from a forest of trees that always had to see the water of the ocean in order to grow. Each tree started as a seed being planted for the birth of each newborn on the Islands.. The Spice Islands that is.

Cloves also have the pleasure of being mentioned within the pages of the Bible on several occasions. One of the most sought after, expensive and difficult to obtain spices of ancient times... 

Luck, Romance, Fortune, Good Health, the Banishment of Negativity, all became associated with the spice. And still are to this day!

Nutmeg: This cheeky spice also originates from the Spice Islands in Indonesia. 

Containing the compound, myristicin, Nutmeg has an extreme calming affect on people that has been used across the globe medicinally, and also in semi-Shamanic journeys.

So, let me ask you-- is it so strange that everyone seems to clamor for "The Pumpkin Spice"? Especially when the Veil is thinning?

Give me your opinions!

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