The Celebration of Holi

Posted 3/25/2024

I may be a smidgen late to the celebration but the holiday known as Holi was not lost on me today-- and the fact that the first Lunar Eclipse of year just feel on it!

Are you feeling the feely-feels too? TBH I have been on and off crying all dan…

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life..... (from an old bio I created)

Posted 1/10/2024

Some of you may know me from being a presenter on SPtv as a Palmist, card reader, and a bit of ‘other’. But between you and I? There is so much more to me than meets the eye.

I was raised in a small town and can honestly say I knew I had to leave…

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And so it begins

Posted 9/25/2023

Autumn is here. 

Or as some might say, sweater weather has begun.

Personally, I like to think about the concept of all things Pumpkin Spice. 

Yes, yes, yes... I know everyone is trying to decipher the mysticism behind its appeal. But shall we ha…

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Litha Litany

Posted 6/24/2023

Perhaps I should gaze toward the sun

Perhaps I should count this day as done

And when I blink-- and wink toward thine eye

Remember whats done is done

And all's won is one

So say aye


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Pluto say wha????

Posted 6/23/2023

Feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under your feet?

Pluto ---is the planet of transformation, power, and rebirth, and is currently in Capricorn--the sign of structure, discipline, and status. Pluto in Capricorn is a long-term transit t…

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Uriel: The Archangel of Wisdom and Light

Posted on 5/14/2023

Uriel is one of the four major archangels in the Judeo-Christian tradition, along with Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. His name means \"God is my light\" or \"fire of God\", and he is associated with wisdom, illumination, prophecy, and revelat…

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Something Blue

Posted May 13 2023

Fear-- In the book Dune by Frank Herbert, 'Fear is the mind killer.'

Why do I bring this up?

Because there is a ton of fear mongering going on in the world. So much so that Fear is a type of commodity to be traded for ones well being.

While gro…

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May 1

Posted on Beltane 2023

What does this summer hold 

for all of us buffoons?

One might think

We are on the brink--

--Just depends on your drink

Of choice

Use your Voice

Declare your joy

Do not request Ice

That comfort is just another vice.

So dont blink

For time do…

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posted 4/30/2023

Today I had another event -- but one I have never been a part of before.

I would like to thank Mary Petrella for accepting me as a Reader for the Wellness Faire at Seven Oaks Country Club. 

Its always nice to meet new people on a soft rainy sprin…

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Burning the midnight oil

Posted 4/28/2023

song of the night: "Breaking the Girl" by

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Looking forward to tomorrow at POP! Art, Books, Culture in Boardman Ohio from 12-5PM.

The owner Craig Duster, just won an award from the local transit authority as a 'go-to de…

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When the Sky Cracks Open

Posted Friday April 21, 2023

And maybe you're afraid you are going to never find your path again? In other words, you are 'shook' to your very roots. Your soul is quivering in fear. 

This is when you look around -- High and low. And there you will see Spirit mak…

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To Be Brave is to Be Heard

Posted 4/21/23

I was recently interviewed by an author/reporter. Originally my interview was to be part of a piece on the shop I was doing readings in that day.

The reporter paid to have a palm reading. She had a voice recorder on for the session. Things were c…

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The Power of a Dream Journal


Posted on April 18th, 2023

I know I know you despise journaling. But have you ever actually read through one before?

Page upon page of insight on the emotional, physical, and spiritual level. You see, when we dream we may enter (hopefully) into a deeper state …

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Thought for the Day

Speak-- Speak or forever hold your peace?

There is true wisdom in those words.

When in frustration and times of great anxiety, I will sometimes call out to all my ancestors. And yes I say it out loud. If you hold back your truth even to your own ears, how can Spi…

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The Secrets of Tarot Reading and How It Can Help You Make Decisions

Posted on April 10, 2023

As a tarot reader, I have seen the incredible benefits that tarot reading can offer for decision-making and personal growth. The tarot deck is an ancient tool that can provide deep insights into our lives, revealing hidden patterns and po…

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The Benefits of Palm Reading for Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

Posted on March 13, 2023

As a palm reader, I have seen the incredible benefits that palm reading can offer for personal growth and self-discovery. Our hands are unique to us and hold a wealth of information about our past, present, and future. In this blog post, …

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