To Be Brave is to Be Heard

To Be Brave is to Be Heard

Posted 4/21/23

I was recently interviewed by an author/reporter. Originally my interview was to be part of a piece on the shop I was doing readings in that day.

The reporter paid to have a palm reading. She had a voice recorder on for the session. Things were coming into my head-- the info about her hand, images of her life-- this often happens when I touch someone. Yes it is another facet of something called psychometry.

Anyway, keeping up with the info meant my rapidly giving her info at the risk of potentially overwhelming her as a client.

She took it like a champ-- even if she did have a perplexed look on her face as she got up from the table the first time ( She forgot she was going to interview me LOL!).

I enjoyed providing this reading for her probably moreso than the majority. Hey I am just keeping it real!

I have come to realize in my years that there are 2 types of clients. Should I say more?

Anyway thank you H L Hines for hearing me. May your ventures be blessed for your time and the road rise to meet you.

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