The Power of a Dream Journal

The Power of a Dream Journal


Posted on April 18th, 2023

I know I know you despise journaling. But have you ever actually read through one before?

Page upon page of insight on the emotional, physical, and spiritual level. You see, when we dream we may enter (hopefully) into a deeper state of sleep called theta wave.

When in this 'state of mind', we are in touch with what may be called 'Source', 'the collective consciousness','a Different Dimension', etc.

For the sake of a neverending list forming, let's say "Spirit".

Would you like to see who has helped you on your journey in life. I mean really helped you? Re-read a dream journal and you will see your guides, how your life became your dream, how your dream became you life.

And when you dive into the realms of your past lives, know this--- that energy, the wisdom gained from those lows of that life, just makes YOU shine brighter in your current one!

Remember you're loved!

Rachel G

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