Burning the midnight oil

Burning the midnight oil

Posted 4/28/2023

song of the night: "Breaking the Girl" by

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Looking forward to tomorrow at POP! Art, Books, Culture in Boardman Ohio from 12-5PM.

The owner Craig Duster, just won an award from the local transit authority as a 'go-to destination'.

I will be providing 15-30 minute readings starting at $20. 

I am up burning the midnight oil trying to prepare myself for providing readings.

Easier said than done for this Pisces. (I have been on an emotional roller coaster due to Saturn).-- For that matter, havent we all?

So here I am -- going to be doing readings on a day named after the bad middle finger of all of out hands-- Saturn!

The Titan God that devoured his own children in an attempt to thwart a prophecy spun by the Fates.

You feeling devoured lately? I can say yeah I do.

Im just trying to keep my head above water as I ride the wave of my life.

So hang in there everyone-- there is a silver lining to all of the chaos.

We are being forced to shift in ways that will make us grow whether we feel like it or not.

I guarantee in 2024 you will look back at this Saturn dominance in 2023 as a growth spurt-- and not the penalty it may feel like at the moment.

Write your journey down!

See things unfold right in front of you by doing so.

I believe in YOU and guess what? So does Spirit!

How do I know that? Simple..

Youre here right now in this life of chaos in the same boat with the other billions of people on this planet right here right now.

So look at you 'self' in the mirror and say 'Hi There! Nice to meet you! I'm so proud of you!'


Because we should all be proud of getting through this muck and mire.

Remember, scars are badges of honor not signs of vulnerability.

Much love to you,


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