Something Blue

Something Blue

Posted May 13 2023

Fear-- In the book Dune by Frank Herbert, 'Fear is the mind killer.'

Why do I bring this up?

Because there is a ton of fear mongering going on in the world. So much so that Fear is a type of commodity to be traded for ones well being.

While growing up, I wasnt the healthiest of children. So much so that I decided at an early age to become Stoic by the age of 5.

My mom would say 'are you going to let them win?' And I would ask with all earnest intent, 'who is 'them'?"

I get it now as an adult. The construct of society relishes off fear, depression, and mania.

Who gave the ones in power the green light for that?

Im not laying blame on anyone in particular... Just merely pointing out a very distinct observation.

President FDR stated "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Perhaps we need to reflect on those words a little bit more deeply in 2023.

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