Copper Crescent Moon Pendant

Copper Crescent Moon Pendant

The crescent moon is a symbol of many things in different cultures and traditions. According to some sources, the crescent moon represents:

- **New beginnings**, hope, optimism, and the waxing phase of the lunar cycle.

- The shift from darkness to light and the guidance for those who are lost.

- The birth of children, new leaders, new ages, new relationships, creative efforts, and businesses.

- Illumination and wisdom for finding one's path.

- Fertility, abundance, and protection.

- A gateway to the spiritual realm and a pathway to the divine.

The crescent moon can also have different meanings depending on whether it is waxing or waning. The waxing crescent moon is a time to plant seeds of intention, affirm your dreams, and breathe life into them. The waning crescent moon is a time to release what no longer serves you, reflect on your journey, and prepare for a new cycle.

Let this pendant help chart your journey under the moonlight.


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